Well, I went to the 12:01 a.m. showing of Spider-man 2 on Tuesday night (actually Wednesday morning, but you know what I mean). Great movie. It was so much more complex and emotionally involving than the original. I felt like I had a real connection with Peter Parker this time around. Now, I’m certainly not a superhero, but I could really relate to Peter and all the troubles and confusion he had to struggle with. He’s just a normal young man with desires of his own, things he wants to do, and people he wants to love; of course, Peter is Spider-man, and he soon realizes that he has no choice. His great power truly does come with great responsibility. Because of this, he loses his job, falls behind in school, and let’s down his loved ones.

Most troubling though, for Peter, is his love for Mary Jane, which he fears he can never share with her. He knows if his enemies ever find out about their love, Mary Jane could very well lose her life; he also fears that, with all the responsibility that comes with being a superhero, he would never be able to give Mary Jane the attention, love, and companionship she deserves. I find it ironic that a man who risks his life everyday, mysteriously fighting the evil of this world, is *most* afraid to love someone else! I know I haven’t been endowed with any extrordinary powers or burdening responsibilities, but I have to agree with Peter on this one… love is a scary thing, and many times we feel that it isn’t worth the risks.

“What if I break their heart? What if I get my heart broken? What if I don’t give them the amount of love and attention they deserve? What I can’t live up to their expectations? What if I just dissappoint them?”

These are just a few questions I find going through my head, and I’m sure Peter was thinking some of the same questions (along with the whole “What if I get her killed?” thing too, of course). Is it worth the risk? Maybe Paul was on to something with that whole staying single thing? Sheesh.