Zao - The Funeral of GodWhat if God just gave up on humanity? What if God grew so tired of our constant rejection of His love and grace that he just decided to disappear forever? Not an encouraging thought, is it? Well, that’s exactly what the new concept album from Zao is all about.As a preliminary note, this music is not for everyone; this is metalcore. Speedy, heavy guitar riffs, growling vocals, and disturbing lyrics. Let’s just say that if I was a young child, this stuff would probably give me nightmares; however, I can appreciate the musicianship these guys posess.

That said, the subject-matter of the album is thought-provoking to say the least. The lyrics describe a world of sin and transgression that continually refuses God’s love, grace, and guidance. Rejected and dismissed, God decides to concede and disappear from man forever.

You place all your hatred upon My throne
Your hands form your own path
Curse the One that has made you
I see Cain in all your eyes

I am laying down to go to sleep forever
I do not hide My face in shame at all
I do not cower before your blade
This is what your black hearts pray

Time moves as slow as the ocean’s tide
Neon explosion in the haggard sky
No sun shall set
Lest we forget
Man’s will be done
– The Last Song From Zion

Man is left alone to fulfill his own sinful will and the earth slowly begins to die. Grief, pain, and death overcomes the world as mankind destroys itself; war is idolized and man finally realizes the the real impact made by their loss of God, only it’s too late… God is gone.

As we pray on His grave our words fall and decay

The earth it gives no peace, nor does it take away
We all survive the grave
(Unfortunate eternal)

They say that in times past
A King walked in the sky
Until dethroned by man
(Tribe of Judas)

Truly, truly, this is the end
It’s not the same
I’m plagued with pain and I can’t let go
This is the end
– Truly, Truly This Is The End

The world eventually comes to it’s end, but God is not there. No salvation, no redemption, no eternal life, no singing praises… only mourning and never-ending separation.

As we wait here for a sign
We are greeted by the end of time
These streets aren’t paved with gold
You are my everything
My soul is growing cold
– Psalm of the City of the Dead

Why does God continue to care about us and our souls when we constantly break His commandments? He has every right to forfeit and let us destroy ourselves with our sinful nature, so why doesn’t He? As long as I’m on this earth, I’ll never understand God’s love for me. Everytime I give into temptation or sin against His Will, He could just give up on me, but He doesn’t… He won’t. Why did He sacrifice His only Son for me? Why doesn’t He just give us all what we deserve, especially when we continue to reject Him with our actions? It’s a continuous cycle of sin and repentance for me, and He always loves me in spite of it. Thank you God for not giving up.

You might be wondering, “Why would anyone want to think about what our world would be like without our loving God?.” A quote in the insert effectively sums up the concept of the album.

“Many times in life we only realize the importance of something once we have experienced it’s loss. And to think ahead of this possible loss helps us to truly appreciate the simplicity of someone being there. This helps us to know that the time we are given is not being taken for granted.” – D. Bosche

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