February 2006

“There are always a million reasons not to do something.”
-Jan Levinson, The Office (Episode 2.15 – “Boys and Girls”)

I’ve been guilty of this so many times in the past. Finding or fabricating reason upon reason not to do something because it’s risky, scary, or both. It’s a horrible way to live; I know from experience. Not only does one miss out on opportunities that have the potential to be wonderful, life-tranforming experiences, but it may also cause others that one cares about to become hurt and frustrated. I’m sorry to all of you that may have been injured by my fear and indecision. I now know how you must have felt.

Jim: So you’re not doing it… (in reference to graphic design internship)
Pam: How’d you know?
Jim: Why not?
Pam: Just, like, no big reason… just a bunch of little reasons.
Jim: Come on…
Pam: Roy’s right. There’s no guarantee it’s going to lead to anything anyway.
Jim: Roy said that.
Pam: What? You have something you want to say?
Jim: You’ve gotta take a chance on something sometime, Pam. I mean, do you wanna be a receptionist here, always?
Pam: Oh, excuse me, I’m fine with my choices.
Jim: You are?
The Office (Episode 2.15 – “Boys and Girls”)


Okay, I may not be the first person to think of this, but personally, I’ve never heard it before. So, here’s the riddle…

What object, depending on how one does it, can be cut in half yet produce more than two equal pieces by doing so?

There may be more than one answer to this, but I’ve only thought of one. So what are you waiting for? Hit me with your best shot in the comments…

UPDATE: The answer is… a spiral (e.g. a Slinky)

If you know me at all, you know that I love the Muppets… which is why I find the following quite hilarious.

I don’t know if anyone even bothers reading this thing, but if you do, I promise I’ll update it soon. There’s plenty of stuff on my mind right now, but I’m just having difficulty expressing it in words. My brain’s been doing a lot of thinking lately, that’s for sure.