March 2006


“After reading poems aloud in English class Friday that we had written, I learned something new, or rather, observed something new. One of the guys, you know the type, the one who’s awkward and geeky. Anyway, he wrote a poem called, “Love is a prize, a prize not meant for my eyes.” This just goes to show that everybody is looking for it (love), even the little nerdy kid standing alone by himself. Yes, he’s the geeky kid who’s a whiz at math and enjoys physics… many view this as weird. So what if he gives into what everyone else thinks? What if he conforms to what is considered the “norm”? Is it then, that that is who he is supposed to be? Or was the nerdy kid before that…was that who he was supposed to be? What if he finds he likes this new conformity? Then who was he to begin with? Does he even know?

You know, I think this whole finding love and acceptance thing is easier than we think. We make it too hard on ourselves for many reasons. One major reason, I think, is that it’s such a fast-paced society that we have to have everything right here and now…even relationships. This might suggest a reason for so many divorces or bitter break ups. It takes too much time to do things properly. Perhaps this is another explanation to why religion, morals, and beliefs have gone out the window as well. People “don’t have time,” rather, don’t want to take the time to get to know their all-powerful Creator.

The human mind is great and human thoughts are even greater. This just goes to show how complex and intricate our Lord is. People don’t understand emotions or logic properly. This may cause someone to miss something great. Something great for them that is standing right in front of their face….right underneath their nose. However, since people don’t allow themselves to fully rely on God, awesome opportunities are passed up all because they simply do not know what they want. Or even if they do know, are too scared and/or concerned that they are not worthy of what a wonderful gift/situation the Lord has presented them with. Some feel they should live miserably because of past wrong doing or because of deaths. Because their friend or family member is gone, they feel that they don’t deserve happiness. Since their loved one is no longer here, they feel they should grieve and be reclusive. But the Lord does not want to see you hurting… He wants to see your faith tested; he wants to see good things happen to you. If He is for us…who can be against us? He has great plans for us and knows our future footsteps.”

~An Anonymous Friend

1) “The Game” by Eager Seas (Watashi Wa)
2) “Trust Me” by Bleu
3) “How Do I Get Through to You?” by Dexter Freebish
4) “Anchors Me Down” by Death Comesto Matteson
5) “Somebody Else” by Bleu
6) “Drawing a Line in the Sand” by Brandtson

Please tell me that the horridness of this is intentional. PLEASE! …And people wonder why I’m so against UK basketball?

Well, I finished it. One of the best TV series I’ve had the priviledge to watch… Freaks and Geeks. It only lasted for one season (back in 1999-2000), but it was not for lack of quality. The show was just another victim of incompetence by those stupid network executives. Lack of promotion and constant time-slot changes never allowed the show to find an audience. Oddly enough, the show has been more successful after its demise, much like Family Guy and Futurama have been recently. Heck, Family Guy even got a second chance because of it’s syndication and DVD success. Anyway, back to the topic at hand…

The series was set in a small Michigan town in 1980-1981 and focused on two siblings, Lindsay and Sam Weir, and their respective groups of friends: the Freaks and the Geeks. As you can imagine, I am able to relate more to Sam and his friends, Neil and Bill (the geeks), than Lindsay and her gang; however, I think anyone that watches this show can relate to multiple characters on both sides of the spectrum at one time or another. Anyway, I wish I had the time or the words to convince you about the greatness of this show, but it’s just one of those shows you have to actually watch a few episodes of before you can truly appreciate it.

Maybe we could have a marathon sometime… I’d love to watch it all over again. :-)

Oh yeah, may recognize a couple of faces in the show. Lindsay Weir is potrayed by Linda Cardellini, who played Velma in the recent Scooby Doo live-action films. You may also recognize the guy who plays Daniel Desario (James Franco), now famous for his roles in the Spider-man films and, more recently, “Annapolis.”