May 2006

Maybe he used to be… but no longer.  That is all.


Holy crap! I didn't even know Brandtson was coming out with a new album, but here it is two days after its release and I'm just now finding out! Anyway, after hearing the first single from their new album "Hello, Control," I'm definitely purchasing it as soon as I can. This new stuff is huge departure from the sound of their last album (which was awesome)… BUT I LOVE IT! Just watch the video for "Nobody Dances Anymore" and I dare you not to bob your head and tap your feet. It's impossible!

What a fun video, though I feel like it could have used some Adam Hawks or Ben & Commander. It's great to watch over and over again, picking a specific person to look out for each time. Try it. Seriously. Do it.

Click here for a higher-quality version of the video.

Okay, not really, but I still fell pretty special nonetheless. Sure, they may not be the most well-known band in the world, but when it's your favorite band that mentions you in their blog, who cares? Well, I think it's cool. You can check it out here. I won't hold it against Peter that he misspelled my name.

Speaking of that, why do so many people not know how to spell Michael? I'm sure there's a few out there, but I've never actually met a "Micheal" before. It's a biblical name that been around for thousands of years, not to mention that it's one of the most popular names in the past half-century. I think more people know how to spell my last name than my first. Oh well.