June 2006

I currently have 48.25 hours under my belt so far this week. I still have one more work day to go. It’s been a pretty crazy week, but I just keep telling myself about the nice check coming my way on Monday. It’s almost over…

UPDATE: Well, I officially clocked in at 56.5 hours this week.  Let’s hope I don’t have to do that again anytime soon. *sigh*


It’s not what you did.
No, that’s not the issue at hand.
It’s all in how you did it.
A blade of ambition in the back.

Not just my back, but many.
Backs, that if you looked,
Have their own faces, hearts, and feelings.
All of which were no concern of yours.

But who cares, right?
You’re the boss… the king!
What you say goes.
No place for democracy.

But power is your problem.
Like most kings, you want more.
You slowly dissolve the kingdom,
Hoping to soon rule another.

So while you close down the castle,
And set up your new palace,
We loyal subjects of the Kingdom
Will continue our work for the One true King.

The ProtomenThe Protomen, my latest musical addiction, is a band I may never have even given a chance if I did not know two of its members from another band many of you know I'm very fond of: Death Comesto Matteson. Why? Well, because the whole concept, at first, seems pretty silly… if not ridiculous. However, believe me when I say that this is not the case. This stuff is amazing and enthralling.

The concept of The Protomen album is based on the famous "Mega Man" series of videogames that began on the Nintendo Entertainment System in the late 80s. The album tells the story of an Earth on which humanity has been enslaved by the evil Dr. Wiley and his vast army of robots. A scientist living in a run-down tenement, Dr. Light, decides to build his own robot to combat Dr. Wiley's armies and attempt to save humanity from its evil master. This creation he named Protoman. Unfortunately, Protoman was defeated and killed in his last-stand against Dr. Wiley's most powerful machines. As humanity stood by and witnessed its hero's demise, not one man even attempted fight for his freedom along the side of Protoman.

Dr. Light, after he witnessed the death of his son, became discouraged with the rest of humanity. He concluded, from the events that brought the death of Protoman, that man did not want to be saved if they were not willing to fight for themselves. Dr. Light eventually created a new companion, a new son, Mega Man. Dr. Light told his new son the story of his dead brother, and despite Dr. Light's attempts to discourage him, Mega Man decided it was his duty to save humanity and avenge the murder of his brother.

I won't spoil the rest of the story, but it is a sad, dark, and compelling tale well worth your time. I know, I know… a rock opera based on a 20 year-old videogame seems kinda strange and maybe even childish, but let me assure you that this is a dramatic, mature, and rockin' experience for all.

I have yet to go to a live show, but I understand the entire album is performed in order, complete with costumed-characters as the plot unfolds. I'm definitely taking the next opportunity I have to see these guys. And heck, it'll give me an excuse to wear some black eye-liner and do something crazy with my hair!

You can hear three excerpts from the Protoman/Mega Man saga @ http://www.myspace.com/theprotomen.