September 2006

Okay, I’m finally back to this little Showbread project after a short break. “George Romero Will Be At Our Wedding” is the last in the four-song string of love songs. This song would make a fantastic video if given a decent budget, but I’ll let you see why by letting you read the lyrics.

I was looking for you when I first heard the sirens
The ambulances filled the streets
The masses screamed and called for help
You were no where next to me
The soldiers came to round up the living
And take them away to somewhere that’s safe
But if I cant find you there’s no place to save me
If you are gone then its too late

Night turns to dawn, and dawn into day
And the land overflows with the dead
Where did I last hold you in my arms?
What was the last thing that you said?
Some hide underground, others hide in a mall
I still drag myself through the streets
I life without love my love isn’t a life to me

I don’t believe that love can rot away
So first aim for the heart, then aim for the head

I wept bitterly and then I threw up
Something silver washed up in my lap
This metal thing, your wedding ring
Brought all of the memories back
I remember the bite, and breaking my teeth
I remember choking it down
Eating your fingers one at a time
I left most of you there on the ground

And it’s there that I find you, just as you were left
Writhing you rise to your feet
You come back to my side with very few insides
They’re still strewn about on the street

I have heard it said that love endures all things
And now I know that its true
Stronger than the grave, death cant put it out
Here I am, the walking dead, still next to you

I don’t believe that love can rot away
So first aim for the heart then aim for the head
If true love last forever, then love doesn’t die
It just becomes the living dead

Josh Dies, lead singer & writer, is an avid horror fan. The last Showbread album had a song devoted to the Evil Dead series of films, and this song is his tribute to Zombie movies. To put it in his own words, “The showbread song ‘George Romero Will Be At Our Wedding’ mimics classic Romero-Allegory style in weaving a tale a cannibalized wife into scriptures of ever-lasting love and forgiveness of sin.” Sweet, isn’t it? I think so.


I recently made a guest appearance (along with my good friend, Philip White) on the Greenwood Park Youth Ministry podcast, “Casting Our Net.” So, if you’re bored and you’ve got a spare twenty minutes or so, give it a listen…

Something I learned from this experience: My voice doesn’t carry nearly as well as Philip’s. We were the same distance away from the microphone, yet he is at least twice as loud as I am. You may need to turn up the volume to hear me very well (that is, if you want to). Also, be sure to listen for Philip’s “ladies man” comment about me–definitely the funniest jab at me from the show.

Two great clips from late night talk show appearances.  No bad language, but a few overlapping jokes.  Enjoy!