June 2007

BlueCotton Custom T-shirts has put together a sophisticated Photoshop-like web app to let you design your own shirt, resulting in a screen-printed or custom embroidered garment with a tremendous amount of control over the results. The company says it’s been working on its online design interface for the past six months, and it shows.

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My feet are painfully white. So yesterday I decided that I needed some decent sandals/flip-flops so that they may see some much-needed sunlight.

I went to Kohl’s and found some really nice ones on sale. When I got to the register to check out I noticed that they now have a fairly large monitor facing the customer that displays all of the items that have been scanned.

As the cashier scanned the box containing my new flip-flops the following appeared, in fairly large print, on the monitor:


I started laughing… mostly because there’s no way I could wear a size 9 thong.

Oh, and the next morning at church, I spilled grape juice all over the right one. Figures.


I was talking to a friend of mine a couple of nights ago and he shared with me a great analogy concerning relationships…

In academia, there are basically two points-of-view in the realm of grading exams. The first is that all students begin the grading process with a zero. As each question is graded, points are accumulated for every correct answer and the final grade is determined by taking the number of points earned and dividing by the number of points possible. The second is very similar, but the perception is changed. In this scenario, all students begin the grading process with a perfect score. As each question is graded, points are deducted from the total for every incorrect answer and the final grade is determined by taking the number of points deducted, dividing that number by the total number of points possible, and finally subtracting that percentage from 100. Have I lost you yet?

Anyway, my friend has concluded that I fall into the former of the two when it comes to relationships. For the most part, it is an accurate conclusion. In my mind, most girls start out at “zero” and as I get to know them better I am able (though sometimes unable) to determine if they are someone I would like to date and, possibly, eventually marry. Though, there have been some exceptions to this for some reason unknown to me.

My friend, on the other hand, says he was the exact opposite (was, because he’s now married). In his mind, he wanted to date virtually every girl that he met. As he got to know them better, he would weed out those who were “undateable.”

So, what does this all mean exactly? It means I’m picky. Which can be both good and bad. Where do you think you fall in those two camps?

Meet my nephews, Jack and Reese–also known as Awesome and Adorable (both of which are interchangeable)!